The Best Long Weekend Getaway near Delhi NCR

The Best Long Weekend Getaway near Delhi NCR

A Riverside Luxury Retreat at Manu Maharani Resorts, Jim Corbett

Looking for an extraordinary escape near Delhi NCR? Look no further. This January, immerse yourself in luxury and nature at Manu Maharani Resorts in Jim Corbett. Discover a two-day opulent retreat, designed to redefine your weekend getaway experience.

Regal Kumaoni Welcome at Manu Maharani, Jim Corbett

Traditional Kumauni Welcome in the Heart of Jim Corbett

Begin your journey with the warmth of traditional Kumaoni hospitality. From the soothing sounds of traditional instruments to a heartfelt Namaste, every detail is thoughtfully curated for an authentic experience.

Royal Private Villas at Manu Maharani, Jim Corbett

Luxurious Private Villas: Your Exclusive Haven

Indulge in unparalleled comfort in our private villas, blending modern amenities with traditional charm. Escape the ordinary and unwind in a haven meticulously designed for a seamless luxury experience.

Regal Culinary Extravaganza at Manu Maharani, Jim Corbett

Gastronomic Delights: A Culinary Symphony

Savor a symphony of flavors as our chefs curate a menu celebrating local and international cuisines. Every meal is a journey for your taste buds, ensuring a gastronomic delight throughout your stay.

Riverside Experiences at Manu Maharani, Jim Corbett

High Tea by the Riverside: Scenic Elegance

Immerse yourself in scenic beauty with high tea by the Kosi River. An elegant setting on the riverside, offering a delightful selection of teas and treats with the rhythmic flow of the river as your backdrop.

Picnic Lunch at Manu Maharani, Jim Corbett

Picnic Lunch in Nature's Embrace: Lush Retreat

Escape to a picturesque setting surrounded by the lush jungle for a curated picnic lunch. A feast for the senses in the lap of nature, enhancing your connection with the serene environment.

Live Music at Manu Maharani

Live Acoustic Music and Bonfire: Sunset Serenity

As the sun sets, experience the magic of live acoustic music by the bonfire. A serene atmosphere that lingers in your memories, creating a perfect harmony between nature and melody.

Book Your Opulent Escape Now: Manu Maharani Resorts, Jim Corbett

Beyond these highlights, your two-day escape at Manu Maharani Resorts is filled with surprises and indulgences that redefine luxury in the heart of Jim Corbett.

Regal Accommodations at Manu Maharani, Jim Corbett

Elevate Your Getaway Experience: Book Now

Join us for this exclusive retreat, where luxury, nature, and cultural richness converge. Secure your spot for the upcoming long weekends in January and elevate your getaway experience at Manu Maharani Resorts.

Escape to the Riverside Luxury Retreat at Manu Maharani Resorts – where every moment is a celebration of opulence and serenity.

Book Now and Make Your Long Weekend Extraordinary!


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