Beyond Corbett

Beyond Corbett

Marchula Fishing

Just off the Jim Corbett National Park lies Marchula, a haven for angling enthusiasts. The Ramganga river with its rich population of Mahaseer fish is a great hotspot for fishing. Among the top angling hotspots in Uttarakhand, Marchula is slowly but surely drawing tourists from across the country and also abroad. Unlike the popular hill stations around Corbett, Marchula is still known for its unspoiled beauty.


The Jim Corbett National Park is known to be the home of over 500 varieties of avian species. Manu Maharani Resort and Spa organises bird watching tours with expert orinthologists for our guests. Sitabani Wildlife Reserve is home to a fabulous variety of flora and fauna, and is a great off beat destination.

Jim Corbett Trail

The world-famous hunter and naturalist Jim Corbett after whom the national park is named was a resident of the area in a small village called Choti Haldwani. His house there is a museum now and a must visit. Do visit the village which Corbett helped to settle. You can also see the gun which Corbett presented to one of the villagers to keep the wild animals at bay. Near Choti Haldwani is India’s oldest iron foundry now in ruins and a canal specially excavated to supply water to the foundry. Also visit Pawalgarh where Corbett shot the second biggest tiger on record, known as the Bachelor of Pawalgarh.

Breakfast at Kosi

The Kosi river which is just adjacent to the Manu Maharani Resort & Spa is the lifeline of Ramnagar. Post-monsoon it becomes a raging water body and is a sight to behold. The sight of birds flocking around the riverbed is amazing to watch. With the Shivalik range as the backdrop, and the cool mountain breeze caressing you, it is simply breathtaking to start your morning by the Kosi river. A full-spread breakfast by the river is the most ideal way to begin your day.


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